Orpheus Subscription Fraud Management – FAQ

What is Orpheus?

Orpheus is a Fraud Management System (FMS) commonly used for detecting Subscription Fraud.

How does Orpheus differ from other FMS tools?

Traditional fraud management systems adopt unusual usage to generate fraud alerts, for example high spending or usage outside of normal behaviour to indicate fraudulent activity. While this may provide immediate and real time access to unusual behaviours, many of the alerts turn out to be legitimate usage.

The high false positives (legitimate high usage behaviour) wastes valuable operator time and undetected cases (fraudsters circumventing thresholds) leads to further losses. Furthermore, most FMS tools are hugely expensive to license and support; takes longer to implement and require specialist training to exploit the full benefits.

Orpheus on the other hand exploits the proven fact that a high proportion of active subscribers with strong links to known fraudsters are themselves involved in fraudulent activity. In order to achieve this, Orpheus generates profiles or fingerprints of known fraudsters from the network call data records. The profiles are then used to highlight links to other active subscribers, who can then be investigated by fraud analysts.

This method of detection has shown to reduce false positives substantially and increase fraud savings dramatically for our clients. Furthermore, it only costs a fraction of what it would cost to license some of the existing fraud management tools.

What are the architectural components of Orpheus?

There are four logical components to the Orpheus web application. A single server machine is sufficient to deploy Orpheus. The server can be Windows or Linux. The user interface is through a web browser.

Orpheus Fraud Management

How do I deploy Orpheus?

Orpheus is a flexible tool and can be deployed in multiple ways; on premise or on the cloud. There is also a plug-in option whereby you can use your existing Data Warehouse if it already has up to date CDR data. Orpheus Data Processor simply plugs in to your Data Warehouse Infrastructure eliminating the need for a dedicated Orpheus Server.

How long does it take to deploy Orpheus?

It can take between 6-8 weeks to deploy Orpheus depending on operator needs, infrastructure availability, complexity and volume of the CDR data. Orpheus application installation is straightforward. However, in our experience, extracting, transforming and loading the source data (Call Detail Records) into the Orpheus Data Store is the most challenging and requires detailed planning.

What is the costing model for Orpheus?

We provide Orpheus for a fixed annual Subscription fee. This means that there are no up-front license fees. With our Managed Services model, it gets even better: there is no hardware, software or resources to manage, thereby reducing your total cost of ownership. Please talk to us for a full estimate of costs based on your needs.

Do you provide a free trial?

Yes of course. Please get in touch with us at info@frslabs.com. We would be more than happy to help.

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