Credit Referrals – An important but much hated word.

The word ‘credit referrals’ or ‘you’ve been referred to a credit Analyst sir!’ does not go down well with potential customers, particularly when the customer is waiting to get his hands on the next iPhone.

Almost all businesses, with a few exceptions, use a risk assessment scoring methodology to score an application prior to parting with new products or services. After all, it’s a fair way to decide whether or not someone is going to pay the bills when conventional wisdom does not help. Nevertheless, no one would like to be in a position where their details are referred to a risk Analyst because a machine says so.

I don’t particularly see anything wrong with this approach as it’s applied consistently and uniformly across all applicants. However, once a customer is referred to a risk assessment Analyst, the technology should be swift to ensure that legitimate customers are not kept waiting for long. And here’s where we come in to help our clients.

With our Referrals+ product, we help cut down the search times by over 50% against conventional desktop based applications. Besides, the name and address search results are far superior. We use advanced phonetics and fuzzy techniques to match potential names and addresses and we let the user control the search results through a number of advanced settings.

Referrals+ is not just a name and address search engine. It can help cut down fraud at the point of entry and prevent fraudsters from slipping through the net. It can automate the searches to check new connections against existing black listed customers to raise red flags. And a lot more.

The basic idea is that legitimate customers should have as little inconvenience as possible when referred and fraudsters shouldn’t be allowed to re-enter the network. Referrals+ is designed exactly for this purpose. To learn more or get a demo of ‘Referrals+’, please write to us at


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