Introducing Vistas – Visitor Management System

Perhaps the most important security arrangement for any organisation is to manage their Visitors getting in and out of their buildings. Getting Visitors to scribble on a visitor entry notebook is still in vogue but it is not the most efficient way to manage your Visitors. If you would like to delight your Visitors from the moment they step into your facilities, give Vistas a go.

Vistas is a delightfully simple application which automates much of the Visitor Entry process. For instance, instead of scribbling into a visitor entry notebook, the Visitors will be typing in their details. Instead of the Receptionist calling each and every host to inform the arrival of their Visitor, the system will automatically print a paper pass, send an SMS and Email notification to the host.

Vistas is a flexible tool wherein the Receptionist can add new host details, edit or delete host details and enter advance Visitor details so the Visitors can simply pick up their passes on arrival. The system settings can be adjusted for SMS, Email, Print and other parameters that keep the system going strong 24/7 and 365 days.

Receptionist can also generate daily or monthly Visitor reports to Security managers or simply keep a tab on the total visitors who are actually in the building at any given time – crucial during an emergency (something the notebook system is woefully inadequate).

Vistas can be installed on-site or hosted on our secure servers in a couple of hours. If you have an internet connection and a browser, you are good to go. The system can cater to a single occupancy office or multiple occupancy building, replacing multiple paper entry notebooks with a single Visitor Entry system for all the tenants in a building.

Vistas is provided for a simple subscription fee so you can start anytime and stop anytime. Watch this space as we will shortly make announcements about our upcoming release 2.0.0.

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