Happy Birthday – FRS Labs turns three

Time sure flies. Surreal – seems like we just got started – but hurray, we have made it past year 3. We owe our gratitude to our client team and our development team here in Bangalore (Krishnan, Suresh, Mohamed and Karthikeyan) and of course our business partners and well-wishers.

Looking back, when we were getting ready to launch FRS Labs, we just felt we had a good idea and that was that. We trusted our instincts rather than our business plan. The client team we had at the time was truly one of a kind. They were both supportive and trusting. We owe a great deal of gratitude to them and we certainly haven’t let them down for putting their trust on us.

We have made tremendous strides in the last three years with respect to our Orpheus product, developed in partnership with Vodafone, and we have steadily added new functionality and features to it. This year is particularly exciting as we are gearing towards our release 5 due end of this year. It has a number of exciting functions, like our data integrator, which is a lightweight ETL (extract, transform and load) tool and a custom alarm function mainly for detecting pre-paid fraud.

Our focus this year will be on three things: Fraud Management, Product development and Big Data Analytics. We will continue to focus on Orpheus fraud management system adding a lot more functions. The product development side of the business will look after the entire lifecycle of a new product delivered as a service and the Analytics part of the business will focus on building new models to allow our clients to learn more about their customers and their behaviours in a vastly interconnected era.

As we are setting our aspirations high, we are also gearing ourselves to push further to accomplish them. I sure hope to write about how we got on same time next year.

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