Financial inclusion for a billion unbanked and underbanked customers around the world.

Customer on-boarding and Know Your Customer (KYC) process is the first step toward a long term relationship between the Bank and the Customer. And yet it has remained the most frustrating experience for consumers. And hasn't changed in years. We are building one of the largest identity verification and fraud prevention platform to simplify opening a Bank Account for a billion people. Customers can open an Account in less than 2 minutes from the comfort of their homes.


KYZO - Your digital KYC. A safer and secure way to store and share your KYC data. For free.

Kyzo is your friendly digital KYC App. It allows you to scan your ID documents safely and share them with businesses when needed, just like you would share paper KYC copies. All your data stays in your phone. Ever. We use banking grade encryption to secure your data when it’s stored in your phone. And the data is transferred encrypted to the service provider. Only authorised business Apps can decrypt your data. All of this happens with your consent using two factor authentication.


Powerful and real time fraud detection. For Telecoms, Banks and Insurance Industries.

Atreus, put simply, will do a fraud check before the application is approved. And will continuously look for bad behaviour linked to a group of risk networks. It's interesting when you see two new applicants - Kate Smith and Cathy Roberts, with different DOBs, living in opposite sides of a city - share the same bank account and have a fraudulent connection with Catherine Robert Smith, who has been refused credit a couple of days ago. And this is just the start.


Prevent international revenue share fraud (IRSF) and Wangiri fraud in real time.

Strong risk controls can prevent a lot of the fraud from happening. However, detecting and preventing IRSF fraud requires a different kind of approach. It requires the ability to predict when an IRSF attack is imminent even when no threshold rule is exceeded. This is precisely where PRISM can help. PRISM is a cloud based solution that any operator can implement in a few minutes.


A smart visitor management system. As it should be. Simple, welcoming and secure.

Delight your visitors the moment they step into your office with a seamless visitor entry system. A simple touch enabled screen for Visitors to sign in. The host receives an email and SMS alert instantly. One touch check-in and check-out process with complete audit trail. A host of optional but seamless details such as printed passes, NDA and photo capture. Multiple reports sliced and diced for the Security Manager to keep the premises safe. Suffice to say, it's the best experience you can give to your visitors, Hosts and Receptionists.


Your secure digital identity photograph.
Anytime. Anywhere.

Since time immemorial, we have been asked to stick paper photos onto application forms. Driver's license, Visa forms, ID cards, School applications, Bank applications - you name it. Wherever you went, you carried with you your avatar on paper - torn, outdated, pixelated. It's time to change all of that with fotopod. Get a digital ID photo on your mobile or at participating studios with a fotopod code. Use the fotopod code in digital forms and see the magic!

Accellerate your digital KYC flow.

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