All-in-one customer onboarding platform.

Whether you are a big bank, insurance, telco or a small investment broker, we help you onboard and verify your customers with greater flexibility, compliance and reliability.

Know Your Customer

Whether you are a small investment advisor or a large bank, KYC is fundamental to your growth. KYC must be done in exactly the way regulators want you to do it, and when regulations change, so does your workflows, disrupting every aspect of your business.

Non-compliance is not an option. Regulations arrive from multiple regulators, at multiple times of the year, growing in scale and complexity each passing year. Buried in these regulations are voluminous details to interpret and implement, often at short timescales, to remain compliant.

Keeping up with the regulations is a challenge, pushing you back from exciting new innovations to take your business forward. Therefore, you need a platform that adapts to new regulations, that remains flexible to build new workflows, that can provide simplicity for your customers yet keep fraud out, and that is secure and scalable.

That platform is what we provide.
Award winning AI platform. Built for businesses like yours.

Eliminate paper, reduce drop-offs, prevent fraud and offer your customers an incredible digital onboarding experience using our battle tested APIs, SDKs and no code Dashboard.

Text Recognition

Powerful vision APIs and SDKs to extract and process data from ID cards and supported documents.

Face Recognition

Snap a KYC compliant selfie through our award-winning face capture and passive liveness checks.

Video KYC

Onboard and verify customers remotely using video KYC flows customised to your exact needs.

Aadhaar Services

Make your application process and identity verification tamper proof with Aadhaar verification.

ID Verification

Verify the genuineness of ID proofs by matching it against the issuing government sources legally.

Three steps to onboarding.
Start seeing 10x growth.

Weather you are using our dashboard or integrating our APIs, you will quickly see the benefits of saving money, being regulatory compliant, and being more responsive to your customers.


Create a KYC flow to your exact needs in seconds from our dashboard.


Initiate a KYC check from the dashboard or use our API within your own mobile or web application.


Let customer complete the KYC steps and you get all the data verified and beautifully organised to take decisions.

Prevent fraud.
Because there is no cure.

Don't take fraud for granted. We help you to verify customer identities before they are onboarded and build network maps with your data for continuous monitoring.

Increase Revenues. Reduce Fraud Losses.

Use our patent pending network maps to search and detect fraud faster with fewer false positives.

Increase Revenues Reduce Fraud Losses
Prevent IRSF and Wangiri Fraud.

Specially built fraud database for Telecom and VOIP providers to counter IRSF and Wangiri fraud.

Prevent IRSF and Wangiri Fraud

Trusted technology platform.

Trust is hard to earn. We certainly do not earn them through paid advertising. Instead, we earn your trust by providing a high-quality product and reliable service that you can count on. Every single day.

Award winning technology
Patent pending technologies matured over ten years with proven accuracy, quality and scale.
Support that truly supports
Whatever it takes, we are here to help you succeed with our tools and services.
Secure enterprise platform
Use our cloud platform to get started now. Or deploy this within your own premises.
Pricing that makes sense
Pay per transaction with discounts as you scale. Or annual subscription with unlimited usage.

Servicing customers worldwide

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Built for flexibility, compliance and reliability to serve multiple industry segments.

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