Video KYC Compliance Checklist

Video KYC (V-CIP) is not the same thing as stitching a video chat interface to your customer onboarding process. It is a profound organizational change. And each organization will go through a period of doing it wrong, not doing it wrong but not doing it right either, and finally doing it right.

We are here to help you with that journey whether you consider our solution or not. And as a first step, here’s a simple KYC deployment checklist that can you can use to navigate your Video KYC deployments.

Please drop us a line to should you wish to obtain a copy of the compliance sheet in excel format.

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About: FRSLABS is an award-winning research and development company focussed on identity verification and fraud prevention solutions for businesses. We are building the next generation video KYCOCRface verificationidentity verification and IRSF fraud prevention solutions to benefit a billion people.

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