Application Fraud – Prevention is better than cure

Atreus Application Fraud system is designed with a simple principle in mind: the best way to control fraud is to prevent fraud in the first place.

Most financial service providers are horrified when they write off a large proportion of their unpaid loans or when communication service providers find that a good percentage of the high end mobile phones sold through their subsidy programs have not been connected to their network. By providing better defenses at the point of application, which is usually the first point of contact with customers, service providers can avoid exposing themselves to fraudsters and organized criminals.

Atreus Application Fraud system is a powerful fraud prevention tool designed to create better defenses against fraud losses – for most service providers, this can be the only tool required to control majority of their fraud losses. Atreus uses sophisticated search, connect and match models to make diverse connections with suspicious and fraudulent applicants.

Atreus comes with a RESTful API (Application Programming Interface) that enables existing systems (e.g. point of sale systems and online store systems) to connect to Atreus seamlessly to provide an instant Accept, Reject or Refer decision at the point of application. Atreus can also be used as a simple back office workflow system for manual verifications and credit referrals.

Benefits of Atreus:

  1. Cuts fraud losses and speeds up the Application approval process.
  2. Advanced search algorithms ensures that investigative resources are best utilised.
  3. Reports to measure performance of credit risk policies and controls.
  4. Simple architecture to deploy. Deployment in days rather than months.
  5. Extremely simple to use. Improves Analyst productivity.
  6. Very low cost of ownership. It truly is low cost – our existing clients can vouch for this claim.
  7. 24/7 direct technical support (no call centers). All calls will be attended by our engineers.

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