We help onboard and verify your customers in seconds.

Document scanning (OCR)

Face matching

Video verification

Fraud prevention

We help onboard and verify your customers in seconds.

Artificial Intelligence. Perfected for your needs.

Face and Image quality checks

Face matching against ID and video

Automatic data and image extraction

Video face and voice token verification

Fuzzy data/image matching for fraud

Govt. ID checks against issuing authorities

Bank account verification (Penny drop)

Business verification using GSTIN checks

Email verification against MX record

Lightning fast image and data extraction

irsf fraud
Support for all major identity documents. Worldwide.

A perfect KYC compliant photo

fraud prevention
Built in liveness, blur and exposure detection with geo tags.

Captures video with random voice token

fraud prevention
Rock solid liveness checks for non-repudiation.

Accellerate your digital KYC flow.

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