PAN Verification – Frequently asked questions

Here are a list of commonly asked questions by our existing and potential clients. Note that PAN verification can be carried out by integration our APIs for real time validation or by using our no-code Dashboard (simply enter a PAN or upload an excel file) to complete batch validation. Please book a free demo with our team so you can see for real how this is done. Additionally, you can also get a free trial to test the services before you go live.

PAN Verification

1. What is PAN Verification API?

The PAN Verification API is a secure and efficient application programming interface that enables real-time verification of PAN (Permanent Account Number) provided by your customers. This is a legal and compliant way to verify the legitimacy of the PAN number and the PAN holder.

2. How does the PAN Verification work?

You will need to pass the PAN number as part of the API call. The API validates PAN details by connecting to the official income tax database. The API responds with the validity and other personal details stored as part of the PAN account. You can also carry out the verification using our dashboard.

3. Why is PAN verification important?

Verifying PAN card is crucial for financial transactions, tax compliance, and identity verification. The API ensures that you are ‘not’ onboarding people with fake or synthetic PAN accounts which is widely prevalent in India.

4. Who can benefit from using the PAN Verification API?

Financial institutions onboarding customers or investors, government agencies onboarding merchants, businesses onboarding merchants and employees, and any entity requiring secure PAN verification can benefit from integrating this API into their systems.

5. Is PAN Verification API compliant with data protection regulations?

Yes, the PAN Verification API adheres to strict data protection standards, ensuring the confidentiality and security of user information in compliance with relevant regulations. We provide a zero knowledge system whereby once the PAN validation session is completed, there are no other personal data that is stored in our systems in line with the prevailing digital privacy laws of India. Besides, all of the server calls are made from servers located in India as per prevailing RBI and SEBI regulations.

6. Can the PAN Verification API be integrated into any Application?

Absolutely. The API is built with REST principles and the output is provided as JSON response that can be used virtually across any technology stack of yours.

7. What information can be obtained through PAN verification?

PAN verification provides details such as the holder’s first, middle and last names, title, validity of PAN and whether PAN is linked to Aadhaar, helping to verify the authenticity of the provided PAN.

8. How fast is the PAN Verification API in processing requests?

The real-time PAN verification if often completed in 2-3 seconds. The speed ensures a smooth user experience for most customer facing real time onboarding and Video KYC applications.

9. Are there any geographic restrictions for using the PAN Verification API?

No, the API is designed to be accessible globally, allowing businesses and organizations from anywhere to integrate and benefit from its functionality. However, note that our servers are located in India as per prevailing Indian laws.

10. How can I integrate the PAN Verification API into my system?

Integrating the API is a straightforward process. Contact our support team for API documentation and assistance in setting up the integration to start verifying PAN details seamlessly.

11. Is PAN Verification mandatory for all financial transactions?

PAN Verification is often mandatory for high-value financial transactions and is crucial for ensuring transparency and compliance with regulatory standards.

12. Can the PAN Verification API be used for bulk verification processes?

Yes, the API and Dashboard supports bulk validation, making it efficient for businesses handling a large volume of PAN checks simultaneously. You can do this simply by uploading a file and having the PAN validated in a single step.

13. How secure is the data transmission during PAN verification?

The PAN Verification API employs encryption protocols, ensuring a high level of security for data transmission and protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access. We support AES 256 for data transmission and TLS 1.2 and above to ensure the highest standards of security for transmitting PAN results back to your server.

14. Can the PAN Verification API detect fraudulent PAN cards?

Yes, the API is designed to detect anomalies and flag potentially fraudulent PAN cards, enhancing the overall security of the validation process. Apart from the results that you receive from the issuing authority, we do a number of quality checks on the card to ensure that the card is not compromised. And additional checks such as name match and CKYC checks are add-ons that help with the PAN validation to an even higher extent.

15. Are there any restrictions on the frequency of PAN verifications?

There are no usage restrictions imposed by the issuing authority in line with the critical nature of these checks that are enabled for financial transactions and customer onboarding.

16. What happens if a PAN is found to be invalid?

If a PAN is found invalid, the API will return an appropriate response, indicating that the provided PAN details are invalid. Users can then take necessary actions based on this feedback.

17. Can the PAN Verification API be integrated with third-party or database applications?

Yes, the API is designed for seamless integration with third-party applications. The response is provided in JSON format that can persist into any system or database.

18. Is there a trial period available for testing the PAN Verification API?

We offer a free trial with free credits to help you integrate the API with you systems. You can check out the schema and responses from our documentation page.

19. Does the PAN Verification API support mobile applications?

Yes, the API is adaptable for integration into mobile applications, allowing businesses to perform PAN verification on mobile applications in real time.

20. Can the PAN Verification API be used for non-commercial purposes?

Ideally the PAN validations are done for verifying consumers and businesses to ensure that the PAN provided as a proof of ID is valid and authentic and that it belongs to the user providing the ID. With your customers consent, you can verity PAN accounts for a wide range of use cases.

Did you know that other than PAN, you can also validate Bank Account (Penny Drop), Voter ID, Driving License, GST (Business) and Aadhaar Offline in India. These ID verification APIs are easy and simple to integrate (or can be used with our dashboard without integration) at extremely low costs. Please do checkout all of our verification services that we provide to verify Indian individuals and businesses.


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