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Rarely does this happen: you are called in for a potential funding opportunity by a leading venture capital firm and you end up leaving the room closing a sale. It was particularly gratifying because the product clearly won. We felt there was a genuine need to improve Axilor’s visitor experience, in an otherwise uber cool office, and the CEO was decisive in making that decision. And that’s that. They already had a fairly good idea of our competitors (particularly from the US) and decided that we provided the best product and the best value for money. We are super glad that we are in this position against healthy competition.


Vistas is a delightful Visitor Access system guaranteed to wow your Visitors the moment they step into your office.  With just a few taps on a Tablet, visitors can quickly sign-in with ease. A pass is printed, an email and SMS notification is sent to the host instantly. A configurable system to set it up the way you want it, Vistas will instantly transform your front desk.


In a few days, I was introduced to the Head of Facilities and Administration and we went about setting up the trial the same day at Axilor. To keep it simple, we used a PC and a Laptop as the basic hardware for the trial (although Vistas runs on PC, Mac, Laptops and Tablets with a Cloud option). The laptop acted as a sleek Visitor entry screen and the PC acted as both the server and the Admin screen (Reception side). They had a few people already signing in to the system by the time we finished setting it up. It was a nice feeling indeed. In a week’s time we went live with a few customisations for Axilor.

One of the important decisions by Axilor was to go completely paper free. Usually when a Visitor makes an entry (name, company and mobile number) into Vistas, it will print a pass, send an SMS and Email notification to the host. The printed pass can be a simple paper pass or sticker badge. Both costs money in printers, papers and toners – sticker badges more expensive than the paper passes. In both cases though, Axilor will leave a large carbon footprint in wasted papers and toners. As the visitor details were already captured in Vistas, printing them seemed needless. What they needed was for the Visitor to be clearly identified inside the campus so a pre-printed badge was recommended. And with barcodes printed on them, it was effortless (and touchless) to check people in and out of the system by the Security Guards. Job done.

An unexpected sale but totally gratifying nonetheless. Another happy customer delighting their visitors.


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