Happy fifth

Back in 2010, 23 February to be precise, FRS Labs existed only on paper. It had no contracts, no clients, no office, no products and no employees. A non-binding and casual chat over coffee to jointly develop a product with Vodafone was all it took to get started on this journey.

Turning the clock forward by five years, we are now working on five different products and serving over a dozen clients all around the world. Over the years, we have steadily added more talent to the core engineering team; managed to foster partnerships as far and wide as Ireland and New Zealand; and worked with giants (think IBM) in the industry to integrate our products into our client’s infrastructure.


We are ever grateful to our clients, partners and well-wishers for challenging us and pushing us in the right direction.

On reflection, it has been a remarkable journey. We’ve had our fair share of highs and lows; the lows have given us a quantifiable model to compare our position with our highs – perhaps a natural balance mechanism to keep our foot firmly on the ground whilst still aiming for the stars. One profound character that has perhaps come to define us is that we never shy away from trying out new things or tackling problems head on – splitting hairs, long hours, blotched marker pens and lost weekends have all been worth it.

Marching on with the same enthusiasm, passion and fire in our bellies into the sixth year of operations. Watch this space for more product announcements.

Happy fifth.

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