Our office – A place where we enjoy each other’s company.

I thought I’ll write about where we are based and a bit about our neighbourhood. We are in a place called HSR Layout, a leafy suburb south of Bangalore, about 20kms from the city centre. We spend our time here designing and developing our products, finding and learning new technologies, cracking problems, figuring out how to run a business and above all enjoying each other’s company.

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Our office, nestled among a series of residential blocks, is a three storey building. We used to be on the third floor of the building but have since moved to the ground floor as it’s a bit bigger (850 Sq Ft to be precise). The office is pretty modest with an open plan workspace, a meeting room, a discussion area and a rest room. We sit facing each other in little islands of desks and we love the free flow of energy and interaction that open offices offer. We do have a shared terrace to hang out for small treats.

The entrance to our office.

The entrance to our office

The welcoming Buddha.

The welcoming Buddha

Discussion area where we track our development activities.

Discussion area

Kannan, Ravi, Krishnan and Suresh sit here.  Mohamed and I sit just a few feet away.

Islands of Desks

Our neighbourhood is dotted with several local shops; bakeries and fast food serving affordable local food; and a temple to protect us from evil competition and bad engineering. Well, it’s not a bad place for a start-up. If you are around, please do drop by.

You’re always welcome here.

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Battle tested technology.
Use it just the way you want it.

Whether you are just starting out or you are miles ahead and want to optimise your customer experience, you can use our technology just the way you imagine it. In multiple ways for multiple use cases.

Native Mobile SDKs

Offline Android and iOS components for identity capture. Works without internet connection. Quick integration into your native Apps. Tested in over 1000+ mobile devices.

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Cloud APIs

Restful APIs that can be integrated instantly without worrying about infrastructure or auto scaling. Our battle tested AWS environment is ISO 27001:2013 certified and monitored 24x7.

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Use our technology deployed as Docker containers in your own servers. In this set up there are no external calls outside your servers giving you total control over your data.

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Cloud Dashboard (no-code)

Get started instantly and begin your identity verification projects. The dashboard provides you with everything you need to onboard your customers as per prevailing regulations.

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Trusted technology platform.

Trust is hard to earn. We certainly do not earn them through paid advertising. Instead, we earn your trust by providing a high-quality product and reliable service that you can count on. Every single day.

Award winning technology
Patent pending technologies matured over ten years with proven accuracy, quality and scale.
Support that truly supports
Whatever it takes, we are here to help you succeed with our tools and services.
Secure enterprise platform
Use our cloud platform to get started now. Or deploy this within your own premises.
Pricing that makes sense
Pay per transaction with discounts as you scale. Or annual subscription with unlimited usage.

Trusted by 150+ customers worldwide

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Built for flexibility, compliance and reliability to serve multiple industry segments.

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