Digital Identity Photos.

Totally familiar. Entirely transformational.


Even the most paperless form needs a paper ID photo.

Since time immemorial, we have been asked to stick paper photos onto application forms. Driver's license, Visa forms, ID cards, School applications, Bank applications - you name it. Wherever you went, you carried with you your avatar on paper - torn, outdated, pixelated. Sounds so 19th century. Well, it’s time to change all of that with fotopod.

Here’s how it works.

Download App. Click selfie. Get code.

Your ID Photo. Anytime. Anywhere.

Download the App from Appstore or Playstore. Follow some basic rules (apart from appearing your best) like holding the phone at eye level, background that is neutral and plenty of natural lighting.

Or go the traditional way at any participating studio.

Click a photo. Get a code via SMS.

Have your photo clicked in exactly the same way at any of the fotopod accredited studios. The studio will submit your photo along with your mobile number onto our secure cloud (encrypted end to end).


A code from fotopod to your mobile.


Image Title

As soon as the photograph is uploaded to the fotopod cloud, you will instantly receive an SMS with an 8 digit code. And that's that. No waiting times. No paper photos. No worries. And a few happy trees saved.

When you need to stick a photo

Just enter the fotopod code.

When you need to stick a photo (say Bank applications) just stick the code we sent you via SMS. A high quality photo will be downloaded straight into the application instantly. Our App will resize the image to the exact requirement of the application. All that scanning and cropping is now history. Isn't that cool!


Are you a Bank, Telco, Insurance, School, University, Government Agency, Private Organisation?

See how you can benefit from fotopod.

  • Get KYC (Know Your Customer) compliant digital identity photos from consumers.
  • Photos are guaranteed to be recent (taken within the last 2 years).
  • Photos are guaranteed to be "true likeness" of a person with no alterations at source.
  • Photos are embedded into the application digitally to the exact size that you require.
  • Integration into your application through simple APIs (just a few lines of code).
  • Complete paperless application process.

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