Verify user identities beyond doubt at the point of onboarding.

Capture a KYC compliant face.

Make selfies simple and natural again.

Capturing a selfie is tricky. Some are too far and some too close. Some are over exposed and some under exposed. Some have eyes open and others eyes shut. Some images are smaller and others crash the internet. Let our software do the legwork to capture a perfect selfie.

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Go beyond face capture.

Detect. Liveness. Crop. Compress.

Our advanced face capture engine can detect a live face, check for liveness (blink, smile, random spoken code), finds face landmarks to crop accurately and compresses the image to a uniform size and aspect ratio. All in a few seconds.

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Face authentication.

Add face as a step-up authentication.

With PINs and passwords coming under attack, add face as an extra factor of authentication to your mobile and web transactions. Learn how a Bank in India transformed its mobile banking through selfie authentication.

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Face matching.

Match live faces with ID faces.

Matching the cropped face in the identity document against a live selfie ensures that the person holding the document is the true owner of the document. Learn how one of the largest insurance companies in India is verifying identities through face matching.

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Face liveness.

Blink. Smile. Speak a random code.

All forms of photos can be spoofed. Therefore, liveness checks are a must for non-face to face verifications. Our advanced checks such as voice token and random challenges provides protection from fraud, replay attacks and spoofing attempts.

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Support for multiple devices.

Supported in over 600 devices.

Our face capture SDK has been tested in over 600 devices and counting. The SDK that works in Android and iOS continues to capture high quality face images with liveness checks and outputs an image of uniform quality. Every single time.

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Image quality analysis.

Reflection. Blur. Exposure. Landmarks.

Our face recognition engine analyses reflection, blur, exposure, landmarks and pixel clarity before extracting the face image. Even when face detection fails, the quality metrics allows you to assess the reasons and enable alternative flows.

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Support for multiple platforms.

Android. iOS. Cloud. On premises.

You can integrate our face recognition engine that suits you best; on the mobile or server platform of your choice. You can access the web services in real time or run them as scheduled batch. Whatever your preference, we can help you shape the final solution.

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