Natural and touchless attendance system. The future is here.

What is touchless face attendance?

Atlas touchless face attendance works by verifying your face against the enrolled face to mark your attendance. All you need to do is stand in front of the camera and your face is verified instantly in under a second. The solution works on most android device so you don’t need a separate hardware device.

Who can use this?

Anyone who needs daily attendance can use this. In particular if you have been using biometric based attendance (e.g. using fingerprint readers) or paper-based attendance notebooks, this is your chance to move toward a more touchless attendance using any Android device. We recommend this for Schools, Colleges, Small and Medium offices and small and medium factories.

How does it work?

There are two steps. The first step is to register (or enrol) your users or employees or your staff members in the app. This is a one-time process so the features of the face is extracted, encrypted and stored in your device. The second step is to verify the registered users. In this step the user will simply have to stand in front of the device and the software instantly recognizes and marks the attendance.

Do I need to buy a separate hardware device?

No, you only need the software that can be downloaded from Playstore. The software works on most modern android mobile phones. We support over 500 devices so we are sure most commodity devices will work. You will need mobile or wifi connectivity to sync the attendance data for your reporting.

How do I check the attendance details of my employees?

You download the app, and you are ready to go with the activation code. You can receive your activation code by signing up on our portal and making the payment. Unlike our competitors, we don’t sell you a hardware that breaks down a couple of years down the road (all electronic devices do). Instead, you only need our software that can run on any common android device.

How is my attendance data stored?

The face biometric data stays within your device and not transmitted to any cloud storage putting to rest mass hacking, leak and privacy issues. We protect your data using military grade AES 256 encryption so even when your phone is compromised your data is safe. We transmit only the attendance data such as (yes or no and timestamp) against the enrolled user for reporting and monthly statements. We also offer you a secure backup service in case your device corrupts or would like to use the same enrolled details in a new device.

Do you provide support?

Absolutely. Peace of mind is part of the product. Registering users and verification is as easy as using WhatsApp. However, should you need any help, we are there to support you. You can register your request within the app and one of us will reach out to you to resolve your issue.

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