Senior Software Engineer, Full Stack

Job Posted
Apr 7, 2020 2:40 PM

What we're looking for

Our steady growth and product lines have created an opportunity for a curious and ambitious full stack software engineer (working on MEAN stack). You'll work with our product team to create the next generation identity verification and fraud detection dashboards and APIs.

We are looking for self-driven software engineers with a good flair for problem solving, design and build quality.

If you want a big brand on your business card, and be one among thousands in a large company, look away now. However, if you are a die-hard problem solver, a passionate coder who can build solutions that a billion users will love and cherish, enjoy working autonomously and in small teams, take initiatives on your own to plan and implement, we're dying to meet you.


  1. Designing (end to end) and coding multiple MEAN stack web and mobile responsive applications. We undertake a variety of product development work so you will switch between multiple teams/product lines throughout your career
  2. Plan and architect ideas and build with MEAN stack - transforming ideas into usable features and microservices that are easy to integrate into Client Applications.
  3. Develop reusable, modular and maintainable code using security and privacy as core principles.
  4. Provide great integration documentation that are added directly to our public facing documentation pages for developers to integrate our solution.
  5. You will set clear objectives aligned to our company goals and present your key results and progress during all-hands company meetings.


  1. A minimum of 2 Years (must) of hands-on (and preferably independently handling end to end development) experience using full-stack technologies.
  2. Strong skills in MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS and Node JS is a must.
  3. Ability to design and develop no-code or low-code features with a strong emphasis on developer/user experience.
  4. Strong skills in latest CSS trends, animations and frameworks is an advantage.
  5. Working experience of Linux/Unix systems is an advantage.
  6. Strong experience with design patterns and software development tools such as Git, Docker/Kubernetes, Jenkins is an added advantage.
  7. Experience developing highly available, secure and scalable applications is an added advantage.
  8. Willingness to work in a rapidly changing environment with changing priorities.
  9. Having worked on an end to end SaaS product (sign-in, dashboard, integrating backend APIs, payment gateway, reports and logs, user management) would be an incredible advantage.


  1. A great salary package with healthy annual increment year on year.
  2. Medical Insurance cover.
  3. Long-term ESOP option after you complete 1 year at frslabs.
  4. A choice of Mac or PC with a lot of freedom to do your work.
  5. Plenty of interesting work. And a tight knit friendly team to work with.
  6. Essentially, what you put in is what you will get out, so a lot of freedom to voice your opinion, share your ideas and shape the future of this company.
  7. Be part of building solution for a billion people.
  8. A progressive career in a growing, stable and well governed company.
  9. Fulfilment of solving one of the most interesting problems of our generation.

How to Apply

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  • Include the role's title in your subject line.
  • Send along links that best showcase the relevant things you've built and done.

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