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Account opening process is complicated with paper work, branch visits, and long delays.

Customer on-boarding and Know Your Customer (KYC) process is the first step toward a long term relationship between the Bank and the Customer. And the best way to begin is through a frictionless account opening process. And that's precisely what we provide through our white labelled ATLAS software that can be integrated into your own App.

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Imagine being able to open a Bank Account at the comfort of your home.

Typing a long application form on a mobile is an annoying experience. Wow your customers from the first step. Customer scans the ID card effortlessly. The details captured from the ID populates the KYC form that the customer simply confirms for accuracy. It?s that easy. We support passports, Driver's license and National Identity cards for most countries.

Customer verifies personal identity though a simple video selfie answering a few random questions that appear on screen. The face in the ID is verified against the face in the video to ensure that the customer opening the account is the true owner of the ID. Our advanced facial recognition and liveness detection techniques will keep even the habitual fraudsters out.

Compliance matters and they are there for a good reason to protect the consumer from vicious fraudsters and money mules. Customer ID and personal details captured are examined for forgery, fraud and AML screening against external and internal data sources to minimise risks. Simpler onboarding experience and strict compliance checks are two sides of the same coin and is the core of our ATLAS product.

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