Onboard your customers through a live video KYC

Open a Bank Account in seconds

At the comfort of your home.

video kyc

The move removes the need to go into a branch, invite strangers to your house, share paper copies, or wait for days for the account-opening process to be completed. Instead, the account can be opened at the comfort of your home.

Video KYC as it should be

Simple. Live. Secure.

The customer can, through a stroke of a video call, chat directly with a Banker, provide all the identity documents to verify who they are and complete the account opening steps in a few minutes. And the video streamed live to the Banker.

video kyc

Video KYC Checks as per regulations

Face Check. ID Check. Geo tagging.

video kyc

The Bank official can, through the Aldus web client, capture face, capture ID and geo location during the video chat. Aldus Video KYC then does the magic of ID face to video face matching, ID check against the ID issuing authority (e.g. PAN), geographic boundary check and liveness checks as per current video KYC regulation.

Aadhaar Offline via Video KYC

Screen share for Aadhaar Offline KYC.

The only permitted ID for video KYC is Aadhaar. While banks can do OTP based eKYC or Aadhaar Offline (XML and Encrypted QR), all other regulated entities can only do Aadhaar Offline. Our solution complies as intended by the regulator with a seamless screen capture while the customer completes Aadhaar Offline steps.

video kyc

Video KYC deployment

At your premises. On your domain. Fully Compliant.

video kyc

The video streaming is triggered from the domain of the regulated entity. We provide a mobile SDK that gets integrated into existing Banks' mobile App and a web client that is hosted on premises and uses the client domain for the live video streaming between the Customer and the Bank Official.

Ticks all the compliance boxes

Video KYC features that matter.

  • Encrypted and secure video.
  • Live streaming.
  • Screen sharing .
  • Face and ID capture.
  • Concurrent ID verification.
  • Video geo tagging.
  • Liveness checks to prevent spoofing.
  • Great quality video (on 3G+ networks).
  • Complete video logs for audits.
  • Video is stored on premises with timestamps.
  • Configurable screens for identity checks.
  • API responses (video, images, data).
  • Easy mobile and web integration.
  • Configurable workflow.

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