The safest way to verify Indian citizens.

Aadhaar Offline.

The only document to verify user identity.

Aadhaar Offline is a secure and shareable document which can be used by any citizen for offline identity verification. Our technology seamlessly verifies the digital signature of the Aadhaar offline document and provide the parsed data along with the photograph.

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Safer customer onboarding.

Consent based offline identity verification.

Aadhaar number and the registered mobile and a few clicks are all it takes to instantly download and share Aadhaar Offline file safely with businesses that need them. The built-in consent layer makes the process future-proof.

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Multi factor verification.

Add face as a step-up authentication.

Once the Aadhaar offline file is shared and signature verified, businesses can match the live face with the Aadhaar face to verify the identity of the customer beyond doubt. Learn how a large insurance company prevented insurance on dead people using Aadhaar and face matching.

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Simple integration.

Seamless in-app experience.

Our technology provides a simple in-app Aadhaar offline integration experience without redirecting the user to the UIDAI website. This allows the user to complete all the Aadhaar offline steps within your App without having to download and upload the file.

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Support for multiple platforms.

Android. iOS. Cloud. On premises.

You can integrate Aadhaar offline anyway that suits you best; on the mobile or server platform of your choice. You can access the web services in real time or run them as scheduled batch. Whatever your preference, we can help you shape the final solution.

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