Aadhaar eSign. Legally valid digital signatures.

Aadhaar eSign

The easiest way to legally sign documents.

Aadhaar eSign service is an online electronic signature service that can facilitate an Aadhaar holder to digitally sign a document. We are an ASP (Application Service Provider) licence holder for eSign through NSDL which is a licensed Certifying Authority.

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Legally binding digital Signature

Complies with Indian regulatory norms.

Aadhaar eSign is fully compliant with the Information Technology Act, 2000 and eSigned documents are legally accepted and admissible in a court of law treated on part with wet signatures.

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Military grade encryption and security

Audited and certified by a CERT-in Auditor.

We understand the fear of online threats and that’s the reason we have built our eSign with security as its rails on which our software runs. The entire transaction is secure and end to end encrypted and we will never know what is being signed, only maintaining the full audit trail and timestamps as needed by the certifying authorities to protect and non-repudiate the transaction that can stand the test of time and test of law.

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Add Aadhaar eSign to your KYC flow

Seamlessly allow customers to sign documents.

Whether you are an insurance firm needing a signature from the customer or a mutual fund intermediary requesting KYC documents which needs to be e-Signed, or just an organisation or individual that needs document signing by single of multiple people, you can integrate our eSign into your mobile or web flow and get started instantly.

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Simple API integration

Get started in a few minutes.

With easy to integrate APIs, you can be on your way in a few minutes. You can refer to the API documentation here. You can initiate single or multiple signatures from one or more people.


You make an API call to get a document signed


Customer receives a link to sign the document


Customer enters Aadhaar/OTP to legally sign the document


You and your customer receive a copy of the signed document


The steps are completed in a few seconds saving time and paperwork

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