Passwords are hard to remember.

Yet easy for cyber criminals to crack.

User IDs, passwords and PINs are hard to remember. Besides, they need to be constantly updated and remembered to secure the concept of "what you know". However, in reality, customers often write down the PINs and passwords making it relatively easy for fraudsters to steal identities to defraud customers. There is also a large operating expense for financial institutions to service customers resetting their passwords.

Atlas biometrics (face and voice).

You become the password.

Your face or voice (biometric features) is unique to yourself. It cannot be forgotten nor can it be stolen. And more importantly it doesn't require periodic resets. The convenience combined with biometric security can lead to widespread adoption of digitial Banking services and has the potential to bring millions of unbanked customers into the formal banking system.

Trusted digital transactions.

Protection from cyber threats.

Atlas provides additional layers of authentication in an easy and seamless manner to protect consumers from vicious cyber threats. Even when a customer account is compromised through phishing, vishing or malware attacks, biometric authentication can stop criminals from taking over accounts and causing widespread losses to service providers.

Unassisted Customer onboarding.

Presenceless. Paperless. Trusted.

Customer onboarding is the first step toward a long term relationship between the service provider and the customer. Yet, the paperwork and process hasn't changed much for over 200 years costing service providers billions and inconveniencing customers a great deal. We provide a paperless and trusted onboarding process through which a customer can open a Bank Account in under 15 seconds. Power to customers.

Automated CKYC process.

Effortless compliance.

Providing Know Your Customer (KYC) data multiple times seems wasteful. And to the same service provider seems reckless. Thankfully, the regulator has stepped in by creating a Central Know Your Customer (CKYC) repository. There is now a mandate for all Financial and Insurance companies to upload KYC data in a specified format to CERSAI (body entrusted to hold CKYC data). Atlas automates the whole CKYC process and reduces cost dramatically.

Biometric authentication is a capability.

However, the use cases are many.

We believe there are infinite use cases for voice and face biometrics. If you have an idea that can change the world and think our technology can help, we'd love to hear from you.

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